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Anyone Like Flashlights?

Yeah, we know that not many people read this blog anymore, but we still try and take care of our Internet properties- you know, mow the lawn, trim the bushes and pick up trash. And as long we were were doing some clean up we figured why not paint the house (yeah, you could almost […]

Website & Business Updates

Yes, as incredible as it may seem we are still aware of this blog and we’ll continue to update it. The forums, as you know, have now been closed down. We don’t have any plans to bring them back- the amount of manpower required to operate them killed two of our best forum members and […]

Out with old and in with the new!

Just a quick update for anyone who may stumble upon this website. First, we have closed the forum portion down because there were simply too many spammers. We encourage people to join us on Facebook page. We have also created a new knife blog which we are updating regularly. For knife reviews and knife news […]

A Little Bit of Review Magic

Over on on forums we have a member named Chris who periodically does knife reviews. I thought we’d christen our Club Blade Blog review section with one of Chris’ outstanding review. You can see also read the review on the forums (more & larger pics) here.    The Review I would be lying to you if I said I was a […]

Knife Review Section Headed Your Way

Later this weekend I’ll be creating a knife review section. We’ll port over a few of the reviews from the forums for now and then (hopefully) start posting more reviews on this venue. Fingers crossed. Look for the update later this weekend.  -Cam

James Bond’s MOD Triton OTF Knife

Wondering about the knife James Bond uses in Quantum of Solace? We have some pictures of the knife’s deployment right here for you: The movie trailer is now available online for anyone to see and it’s pretty obvious the knife is an MOD Triton OTF. The one HERE to be exact (black plain blade).  It’s […]

Those Jokers

I finally got around to seeing the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Not a bad flick- a little more gloomy and psycho than I like my films, but it was exceptional as a whole. I thought the actors did a great job, the story was exciting and the production quality was superb. Going in […]

Welcome to the Club Blade Blog!

There’s not really anything to see yet, but we’ve got a few things coming. We’ll have info about BladeHQ, a few knife reviews and some announcements posted toward the end of this week. I can’t imagine many people will find this blog yet, but for those of you who stumble across it, “welcome!”  -Cam