Anyone Like Flashlights?

Yeah, we know that not many people read this blog anymore, but we still try and take care of our Internet properties- you know, mow the lawn, trim the bushes and pick up trash. And as long we were were doing some clean up we figured why not paint the house (yeah, you could almost […]

Website & Business Updates

Yes, as incredible as it may seem we are still aware of this blog and we’ll continue to update it. The forums, as you know, have now been closed down. We don’t have any plans to bring them back- the amount of manpower required to operate them killed two of our best forum members and […]

Knife Review Section Headed Your Way

Later this weekend I’ll be creating a knife review section. We’ll port over a few of the reviews from the forums for now and then (hopefully) start posting more reviews on this venue. Fingers crossed. Look for the update later this weekend.  -Cam