Those Jokers


I finally got around to seeing the new Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Not a bad flick- a little more gloomy and psycho than I like my films, but it was exceptional as a whole. I thought the actors did a great job, the story was exciting and the production quality was superb.

Going in I knew that there were two knives I wanted to identify. Being in the knife business really gives me an edge (I know- puns aren’t’ funny, people who make puns should be shot and I’m going to hell for it). The first knife of interest can be seen in the pool hall where the Joker slices some poor guy to pieces while he recounts the sick story of his abusive father. I’ve gotten reports that it was a Microtech Halo (of Jack Bauer 24 fame) or an Ultratech. ┬áThe knife is clearly an OTF. The blade has┬áholes in the top and an ever so recognizable wharncliff blade. Given the size I’d have to say it’s a Microtech Troodon as pictured above.

The knife that has received more notice is the knife the Joker uses to threaten Rachel at the fund raiser Bruce holds for Harvey Dent. The knife in question resembles the single action out-the-front Paragon ATKO10 released a few years back. That’s not it though. We’ve also heard it’s the Dalton Cupid. Wrong again. The knife used is actually a copy of the Smith & Wesson 1600 series as pictured above. The handle shape, lack of serrations and blade grind really give it away. People have gone crazy over these knives (another pun? No…). They’ve been going for $50+ on eBay this past week. Some Joker (sorry) was even including a certificate of authenticity so he could jack the price up to nearly $200. I wish I was kidding.

Anyway- just wanted to shoot out my preliminary take on the movie knives. There’s another scene where the Joker is being booked and his knives are being placed on table (“nothing but knives and lint”). It looks like there is an Ultratech in that scene, but I’ll have to take a closer look when the move comes to DVD.

Oh, one final thing- in the trailer for the new James bond movie (which you can’t see online yet) it looks like Bond may use a Piranha Excaliber knife or an MOD Triton (both look very similar). It was really quick and I wasn’t looking for it. You heard it here first.


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