Anyone Like Flashlights?

Yeah, we know that not many people read this blog anymore, but we still try and take care of our Internet properties- you know, mow the lawn, trim the bushes and pick up trash. And as long we were were doing some clean up we figured why not paint the house (yeah, you could almost call it graffiti, but not quite).

Anyway, you already know we love knives. But at Blade HQ we’re into flashlights too. We have a huge selection and low prices on all major flashlight brands. Check out these products:

Surefire, Fenix, Foursevens and many more!. In fact check out our whole flashlight selection at

Also, we really try and give back a bit to the community. We run a couple of flashlight info websites that are worth a visit if you’re into lightning. LED Flashlights ( and Flashlight Blog ( have great articles about how to pick flashlights, batteries, uses, care and basically anything you might want to know about lights.

All this and more available at Blade HQ!

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