Club Blade is what you get when a knife seller – in this case, the owner and operator of BladeHQ – cares about the people that buy those knives.

The origin story of Club Blade is rooted heavily in the origin of the online stores BladePlay, and BladeHQ, but those origin stories are probably outside the scope of Club Blade’s, so it’s sufficient to supplement ours by linking to theirs, which is available here.

Club Blade is a community center for knife enthusiasts who want a closer connection to their favorite sellers, as well as a wealth of resources to facillitate their hobby: sharp, pointy shanks. Club Blade (or, CB as it’ll be known as from here on out) is the home to knife reviews, knife blogs, manufacturers listings, community forums, and features pertaining to, or directly about knives. In sum, we think it’s something new and interesting for knife lovers who’ve found it hard to find a dependable, helpful community service.

CB is Cam of BladeHQ’s project. On May 15, Tuesday, 1:56 PM at BladeHQ in Lehi, Utah, we started initial development on it. We bought some server space (from a company local to us in Orem, Utah, so we can kick their butts if they pull any funny stuff), picked some clean, open-source software to power our projects and keep development time to a minimum, and hired a web programmer/designer to take care of the technical problems that always occur, and modify our software to better fit our style.

We hope that CB ends up being something pretty special, and we guarantee that if the knife community embraces us, we will only grow into something bigger and better. Right now, we’re only concerned with giving something back to the knife enthusiasts who helped make our online shops a success. E-mail us, and let us know what we can do to add to the experience at CB: webmaster[at]clubblade[dot]com

– The Club Blade Team