This is the contact page where you can submit suggestions, let us know about technical problems with the website, or just respond to a blog post. We read all of our e-mails, but may not be able to reply in a timely fashion to all of them. It’s important that you mark your e-mail according to our instructions (because we’ll just weed out everything that doesn’t fit with the scheme). Also, everyone at Club Blade frequents the forums available here, so if it’s something simple, just PM us and you’ll likely get a quick reply.

feedback[at]clubblade[dot]com , with a topic of “FEEDBACK.”

Technical Problem:
webmaster[at]clubblade[dot]com , with a topic of “TECHNICAL PROBLEM.”

questions[at]clubblade[dot]com , with a topic of “QUESTIONS.”

addme[at]clubblade[dot]com , with a topic of “ADD ME.”

If we fail to answer the important calls in a timely manner, you can e-mail greg[at]clubblade[dot]com as a last ditch effort, or just give up. But we’ll try our best to not let it come to that.